About Us

Mundo kitchen was created by its Executive Chef Genaro Domínguez in which it offers Mexican dishes with original flavors combined with quality ingredients which give it a touch of freshness and flavor of authentic Mexican food. Chef Genaro Dominguez began his culinary career in 1992 in Mesa, Az. Next to his older brother who taught him the meaning of a word (Attitude) thanks to his brother's teachings, Chef Genaro Dominguez learned to love and make culinary art a lifestyle. From there he continued his path in Apache Junction, AZ. in another restaurant where he continued to lay the groundwork that would help him take his next step. By 1997 he left the small town of Apache Junction and moved to the city of Tempe, AZ. where he began to work with one of the most prestigious restaurant chains in the country, in this company he achieved one of his first professional goals which was to be part of the national team of line cooks, this position gave him the opportunity to Traveling and working together with high-quality chefs from whom he continued to learn new techniques, in 1999 Chef Genaro Dominguez had his first offer to be a kitchen manager for the restaurant chain in which he worked. It was the year of 2005 when a highly prestigious company offered Chef Genaro Dominguez to move to the city of Las Vegas, NV. In this company he had the experience of continuing to work alongside prestigious chefs from whom he continued to learn and strengthen his culinary knowledge. After spending more than 20 years in this company, Chef Genaro Domínguez made the decision to share his culinary knowledge where his priority is to create a smile in those who try their culinary creations.